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Simple and easy ways to organize baby bibs—revealed.

One of the baby clothes that are complicated to organize are baby bibs. Here are some of the best organization hacks that can help you to discover how to organize bibs.

I am sure you will agree with me when I say that baby clothes are the most challenging items to organize.

First of all, they are tiny, and the way they are made makes it hard to fold them.

Mittens, socks, onesies, bibs, tops, and pants. They’re all hard to organize, especially if you do not have a system in place.

So today, we will tackle the bib organization. I will show you how to organize bibs in a simple and efficient way.

How To Fold Bibs

Baby bibs can be awkward to fold. Some people stack them on top of the other and some even just hang them up on a hook.

However, you can roll these up by folding the neck strap down and then rolling to finish.

How To Store Baby Bibs

Here are some simple yet effective baby bib organizer ideas.

1| Hang bibs on a removable adhesive hook inside the cabinet where you keep the rest of the baby-feeding supplies.

2| You could put the hook on the back of the high-chair or the wall next to it where you can hang bibs for easy access.

3| Keep special occasion bibs, like for holidays and birthdays, or the ones that match specific outfits in the dresser drawers, and keep silicone and stained bibs in the kitchen drawers.

4| Hang a plastic bag holder inside a cupboard and use it to hang baby bibs.

5| Baby bibs can be stored in a cute basket that you can put on a shelf.

6| Use a clothes hanger and keep them in the closet.

7| Store bibs in an over-the-door closet organizer.

8| Use a pretty baby bib organizer like this one.

How To Organize Bibs (how we fold and store bibs)

There are so many creative ways to store and organize bibs but today we will show how to organize bibs our way.

This will give you an idea of how to fold baby bibs and organize them neatly.

1| Flatten the garment on a clean flat surface.

This will make folding much easier as you’ll have space to spread out and get it done properly.

2| Fold in the velcro.

This will help bibs from sticking with each other and making a mess.

3| Fold bib lengthwise.

4| Roll the bib.

Make sure to flatten the bib as you roll so it will prevent you from having a bulky end product.

5| Finished product.

6| Use a drawer organizer.

We use this drawer organizer to store baby bibs and keep them on the dresser drawer, specifically the top drawer for easy access.

This works really well for the bibs that go with outfits. As for the bibs for daily use, we keep them in the kitchen drawers.

The kitchen drawers provide easier access since the nursery is located on the second floor.


Where should you store baby bibs?

You should store bibs where they are most accessible. For bibs that go with outfits, you should keep them in a dresser drawer. As for daily bibs, keep them where you and baby mostly spend your time, like the kitchen or living room.

When should you start using bibs?

Babies can start wearing bibs as early as week 1, especially with bottle-fed babies. Bibs help keep them dry.

Are bibs a choking hazard?

Baby bibs with a plastic backing can be a suffocation hazard. Therefore, always make sure that it’s securely fastened. Opt for snap-on bibs vs velcro straps.

Final Thoughts On Baby Bib Organization

Bibs are seriously a fantastic must-have for your newborn or toddler!

But when it comes down to finding a way to organize your baby’s bibs, it’s more complicated than you would think!

Let’s face it, babies are messy, and if you don’t want to ruin those cute baby outfits, then you have to keep the bibs handy!

It would be best to store the ‘everyday bibs’ somewhere that is both simple and efficient. Having bibs within arm’s reach of the highchair will also make your life so much easier!

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